Work on Your Possession Changes with this Excellent Demonstration!

Terry Layton is a highly respected basketball coach, scout, and consultant both here in the states and internationally. Here you will see the “Possession Change Drill” which emphasizes offensive and defensive conversion. This is a two-on-two drill that is used to simulate a turnover.

Possession Change Drill

Player Movements: Once the ball is turned over, the defense must be in a sprint back in order to stop the ball.  The coach looks to pass ahead to the two teammates, who have just converted to offense.  Both the defense and the offense need to cover as much court as they can in the least amount of time. Once the offense shoots the ball in conversion, they go back to defense, and the same four players go two-on-two coming back to the end of the floor where the drill began.

Drill Essentials: Coach Layton stresses being low and using your arms to help you run a more effective sprint.

Drill Tips:

1) Defense Sprints Back to Stop the Ball
2) Offense Looks to Run Out and Get Ahead of the Ball
3) When Sprinting Back in Conversion, Be Low and Use Your Upper-Body to Help Power Your Movement.

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