Point Guard Responsibilities – Tips, Drills, and More!

Are you looking to build your team’s style of play to a more up-tempo style? Do you want to get your players to play at this relentless pace in transition to the offensive end? Then listen to Xavier University Head Coach, Chris Mack, as he takes you on an inside look at the responsibilities and rules he puts in place for his point guards to create a structured and up-tempo transition.

Point Guard Responsibilities

Player Movements: He explains various situations that may occur and adjustments for his point guard and two and three guard players.

Drill Essentials: The point guard has the following responsibilities discussed in this clip.

1) Receives all outlet passes
2) Catches it on the run
3) After advancing the ball, cut to the opposite corner
4) Keep the ball in the middle third of the floor

Drill Tips: Don’t pass the ball to the first player you see when inbounding the ball before going upcourt.  Make sure to look for the point guard.

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