Improve Your Defensive Stance and Movement!

Under Rob Fulford, Huntington Prep has finished ranked in the top 6 nationally in all of the major national high school basketball polls over the past two years. In “Zig Zags”, Coach Fulford reviews the fundamentals of a defensive stance along with the movement of playing the basketball defensively. This is a drill Huntington Prep does regularly to reinforce the importance of defense and ball pressure.  

Zig Zags

Player Movements: After going through this drill first at half speed, in order to warm the team up and review stance, the team goes all out.  The drill starts in the corner with players sliding to the elbow, half court at the sideline, opposite elbow, and then opposite corner.  Once a player completes the drill on one side of the floor, he will sprint to the next corner and do the same movement in the opposite direction.

Drill Essentials: Players need to stay low, slide without crossing their feet, talk, hit the floor when changing direction, and have active hands.

Drill Tips:

1) Talk/Be Loud
2) Stay Low in Your Stance
3) Slide
4) Head Up
5) Active Hands

The previous clip can be seen on Championship Productions’ DVD “All Access Huntington Prep High School Basketball Practice.” To view the latest video selections on Player Drills, click here.

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