Full-Court Drills to Become a Better Defender!

Don Showalter has been one of the most successful coaches in his profession and always creates a defensive minded team. If you’re looking for drills to create that mindset, Coach Showalter gives you two drills in the following clip that will do just that. In the first drill, Coach uses a simple two line passing drill in the full-court starting at the three-point line. The second drill is a basic two line fast break drill.

Position and Fundamental Footwork Drills

Player Movements:  In the first drill, players execute a good, solid chest pass and then sprint to the corner of the baseline to execute the proper defensive stance and slide.  In the second drill, the rebounder outlets the ball and sprints the length of the court to receive a pass for an outlet.  The scorer now becomes a full-court defender in a one on one situation.

Drill Essentials: Focus on building the proper fundamentals in guarding within the full court, while gaining a mindset for a full court pressure defensive team.

Drill Tips:

1) Proper Defensive Stance and Slide
2) Good, Solid Passing
3) Slide
4) Head Up
5) Active Hands

The previous clip can be seen on Championship Productions’ DVD “Don Showalter: Practice Drills to Build a Defensive Mindset.” To view the latest video selections on Practice Planning, click here.

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