How to Defend a Top Scorer Who Is Two or More Passes Away!

In the event one of the top two scorers is two passes away from the ball, Rick Majerus, wants the defender to play a step below the line of the ball. The former National Coach of the Year teaches you that stance and vision are highly important in this scenario.

Defending the Top Scorer

Player Movements: You will have one hand pointing at the ball and the other hand pointing at the man who he is chasing

Drill Essentials: If the player who you are matched up on, is two passes away and either flashes high or low to the ball, Coach Majerus wants you to jam or bump the cut.

Drill Tips: When you are guarding one of the top two scorers, who is two passes away, Coach Majerus stresses it’s critical not to get back cut. This is why you will play below the line of the ball in this situation.

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