Breakdown Your Opponent with Billy Donovan’s Inside Out Dribble

Billy Donovan, who was one of the best guards to play in the Big East during the 1980’s, shows you how to effectively use an inside out dribble. The purpose of this dribble is to fake a crossover, get the defender off balance, and continue in the same original direction. Get an exceptional breakdown of this drill that will help your son or daughter improve their dribbling skills.

Inside Out Drill

Player Movements: The basketball does not change hands with this move. If you are doing an inside out dribble with the right hand, you would jam your left out to fake a crossover, and bring the ball back to the right using the same hand

Drill Essentials: Coach Donovan emphasizes the importance of the shoulders moving inside out.

Drill Tips: 1) Jam the opposite foot to fake the crossover. 2) Be sure to keep your hand on top of the basketball when you are bringing it back to the original side.

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