Create Space with Two Moves from Sherri Coale!

In this segment, you will get instruction from University of Oklahoma Head Women’s Basketball Coach, Sherri Coale.  Coale incorporates two dribble moves that you can use in the full court. The main purpose of the “rocker crossover” is to create separation with the defender and then blow by that person who is guarding you. The “whirl” is another dribble move in the full court which can be used to change direction.

Rocker Crossover and Whirl

Player Movements: With the “rocker crossover” you will learn how to properly use a retreat dribble to create space with you and the defender. Once that space has been created, it’s crucial that you cross the ball over quickly and find a faster gear to explode by the defense.

With the “whirl”, you must always keep the basketball in the same hand for the entire duration of the move. Coach Coale demonstrates how the player should swing her head and whip the front leg to change direction.

Drill Essentials:  With the “whirl”, Coach Coale stresses to keep this move tight with an emphasis on moving forward, not side-to-side.

Drill Tips: With both moves she emphasizes three teaching points: 1) Look at the rim ahead of you  2) Keep both your head and shoulders low  3) Go North/South, not East/West. 

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