Learn How to Get to the Rim with the Ball Screen Drill

Head Men’s Basketball Coach at UT-Arlington, Scott Cross, has accumulated 122 wins over 7 seasons! Here he will provide you with a ball screen drill which focuses on getting his guard players deep into the paint. Coach Cross uses this drill every single day in practice on an average of 15 minutes. It is a 4 on 4 drill which has two guards and two posts on offense.

Ball Screen Drill

Player Movements: In this drill, he wants continuous side ball screen action with the opposite post player looking to duck in down below. If the defense really hedges aggressively, that opposite post can duck in as high as the foul line area.

Drill Essentials: The only players allowed to shoot jump shots in this drill are post players, who are screening and popping.

Drill Tips: His major point of emphasis with this drill is that guards can’t shoot jump shots.

The previous clip can be seen on Championship Productions’ DVD “5-Star Coaching Series: Practice Drills and Ball Screen Offense.” To view the latest video selections on Screening Drills, click here

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