Tennis Ball Drills to Develop Your Perimeter Players!

University of Oklahoma Head Women’s Basketball Coach, Sherri Coaleintroduces a tennis ball into stationary and moving ball handling drills. Not only does the tennis ball help improve hand-eye coordination, but it also forces the player to keep his/her eyes off of the basketball.  These are great drills to incorporate into your perimeter players’ workouts!

Tennis Ball Drills

Player Movements: In the first phase of this drill, Coach Coale has each player dribble the basketball in a stationary position with her right hand, while tossing the tennis ball to herself and catching it with her left hand. Next, two teammates face each other. One teammate will dribble the basketball with her right hand, while the other teammate dribbles with her left hand. Those teammates will then play catch with a tennis ball using their free hands while dribbling. Finally, Coach Coale has each player dribble from the baseline to half court with the basketball in the right hand while tossing the tennis ball to herself with the left hand.

After getting halfway through each phase of the drill, players will switch hands with the basketball and tennis ball.

Drill Essentials: It is important for the player to be so focused on the tennis ball that she will not even look down at the basketball. Coach Coale wants each player to pick up the pace and challenge herself once that player begins to feel comfortable doing this.

Drill Tips: In order to see development, Coach Coale believes these ball handling drills should take up five to six minutes of your daily workout. These drills need to be done at a high intensity level.


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