Great Ball Handling Training for Parents and Athletes to Work on Together!

As one of only two people ever to make it to the Final Four as both a player and a coach, Billy Donovan, knows the essentials to help both coaches and athletes. In this father and son workout clip you will have the chance to see a great exercise that incorporates ball handling, changing direction with the dribble, footwork, and finishing at the rim. The beauty of this workout is that it’s versatile.

Ball Handling Drills with Layups

Player Movements: For this drill you will need to setup 3 Cones (2 just outside each elbow and 1 in the center of the floor just between half court and the 3-point line). Coach Donovan wants the player to crossover, go between the legs, or behind the back at the top cone. Once that player gets to the elbow area, that player will treat the cone as a defender. The player will look to turn the corner and get to the rim.

Drill Essentials: 1) Explode when you simulate turning the corner. 2) Get a good angle of attack to the basket. 3) Don’t fade away on the layup. 4) Go off the proper foot for the layup. 5) Use the rim for protection. 6) Try and limit your dribbles (Be efficient with dribbling).

Drill Tips: You can use the crossover, between the legs, or behind the back at the cone. Also, you can mix them together in the same sequence.


The previous clip can be seen on Championship Productions’ DVD “AAU Basketball Skills Series: Billy Donovan’s Father and Son Workout.” To view the latest video selections on Ball Handling, click here

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