Master the Innovative Dribble Drive Attack Offense!

Creator of the Innovative Dribble Drive Attack Offense, Vance Walberg, tells you his philosophy of  “3 or Key”, meaning he wants the ball driven into the key and if the defense collapses then the ball should be kicked out for a 3-point shot. Walberg likes the 3-point shot because it can yield a higher Points Per Possession average than the mid-range jumpers. 

Bird Drill

Overview: The following video clip shows a great 3-point shooting drill that would be great for any coach to incorporate into practices to improve a team’s 3-point shooting, no matter what offensive system is used by that team.  Start the exercise with three players at a basket – the shooter, passer, and rebounder. The Bird Drill is challenging, highly competitive, and players will love it!

Player Movements: The shooter will shoot from 5 spots on the floor starting in the corner, and then moving to the wing, then to the top of the key, then the opposite wing and then opposite corner.  The shooter must then come back all the way to where he started for a total of 10 spots, and this must all be done within a 2 minute time limit.

Drill Essentials: There’s one big catch to the drill: The shooter must MAKE 2 IN A ROW before advancing to the next spot.

Drill Tips: When the shooter makes it to the opposite corner, he must make 2 sets of 2 shots in a row  (it is not necessary to make 4 in a row).  If the shooter makes it through all 10 spots, then he will go to the top of the key and make as many 3’s possible in the time remaining.

The previous clip can be seen on Championship Productions’ DVD “Vance Walberg: Mastering the Dribble Drive Attack Offense.” To view the latest video selections on Offensive Drills, click here

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