Fred Hoiberg’s Secondary Break Sets to Beat the Defense!

Current Iowa State University Men’s Basketball Head Coach and 10-year NBA veteran, Fred Hoiberg, believes in attacking the defense and looking at the different actions to score before the defense is set. With this Baseline Double Set shown in the clip below, Hoiberg shows several very good actions out of the same look that will provide both inside and outside scoring opportunities.

Baseline Double Set

Overview: The set begins with a traditional secondary break look with the point guard with the ball, the wings spaced in the corners, the first post down the floor on the ball side, and a trailing post at the top.

Player Movements: The trailing post goes down to the opposite block while the point guard starts in the direction of the wing that is going to get screened for, and then reverses his dribble back towards the top. The wing runs off two baseline screens from the post players located on each block, making this a good play for a team that has a good shooter. While this is happening, the other wing is cutting over the top and through the lane.

Drill Essentials: Creating strong screens on the baseline and good cutting runs from the wings.

Drill Tips: Counters and other options for this set include:

  • A slip from the baseline screen
  • A counter option to bring the shooter back out to the same corner he came from
  • An inside cross screen by the posts to get the ball inside, followed by a high-low look, and even a possible dribble handoff to finish the play.

The previous clip can be seen on Championship Productions’ DVD “Fred Hoiberg: Transition Basketball with Six Secondary Break Sets.” To view the latest video selections on Secondary Break, click here

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