Building Your Man-to-Man Defense with Fran Fraschilla!

Many coaches work on some form of a 4 on 4 shell defensive drill everyday. Gain insight on drills for building your man-to-man defense from ESPN Analyst and former highly successful college basketball coach, Fran FraschillaThe 4 on 4 No Paint Drill is a variation of the shell drill that reinforces the first two points of Coach Fraschilla’s 4 points of emphasis on defense. 

4 on 4 No Paint

Overview: The drill is set up with 4 offensive players on the perimeter and their 4 defenders underneath the basket. The coach has the ball and will pass to one of the offensive players. The coach may choose to throw a direct pass or a lob pass.

Player Movements: The offense drives the ball toward the lane and the defense’s job is to keep them out of the lane.

Drill Essentials:  The offense needs to focus on the phrase – “Get a piece of the paint!” while the defense needs ensure the offense gets – NO PAINT!

Drill Tips: On the initial close-out, the defenders should get to the proper ball side and help side position in relation to their man. The player on the ball needs to put good pressure on the ball.

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