Greg Marshall’s 2-Ball Drills to Improve Dribbling!

In this segment, we visit the home of the 2013 Final Four Shockers from Wichita State to see how Gregg Marshall and his coaching staff improve the ball handling of their guards. This is an excellent short series of two ball drills.

Ball Handling: 2-Ball Drills

Overview: Players are in a line at the free throw line facing half-court, and each player has two basketballs. Coach Marshall likes these drills to be done with heavy basketballs and big basketballs. Players dribble the two balls from the free throw line to half-court, pass back and forth once with a manager, then turn to dribble back to the end of the line. The series concludes with players again starting at the free throw line with two basketballs. They dribble to half court and back with added resistance from a manager.

Player Movements: Each player goes through once each with the heavy balls and the big balls using a same-time speed dribble, and then repeat the drill with an alternating dribble (one goes up, while one goes down).

Drill Essentials: Pound the basketballs, make a good pass – chest height, and receive a good pass.

Drill Tips: Make sure to use a one-handed push pass with their off hand to a manager and to make a one-handed catch with the pass back from the manager. In the resistance part of the drill it is key that the managers place resistance on the player’s shoulder on the dribble to half court and resistance on the player’s waist on the way back to the free throw line.

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