Dynamic Stretching Drills for a Proper Hurdles Warm Up!

Kansas Hurdles Coach, Elisha Brewer, discusses the importance of Dynamic Stretches and how each stretch contributes to the flexibility of hurdling. While each event in track and field requires some level of flexibility, the hurdles are the one running event that puts your body in it’s most unnatural position, thus requiring the need to be flexible. Coach Brewer discusses how each movement increases flexibility necessary to become a successful hurdler.

The drills begin with some basic & movements that are directly related to hurdle movements and progress to some more complex movements that focus more on stretching out the lower back and hamstrings. She begins with “High Knee Pulls” which focuses directly on stretching the lower back and hamstrings, two parts of the body where flexibility are key to become a successful hurdler. From here she rolls right into the “Groin Stretch”, “Hip Circles”, and the “Heel/Toe Walk.”

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