Are You Lacking a Practice Plan for Your Football Team?

Get an All Access look into seven practices featuring 25X Louisiana State Championship Coach, J.T. Curtis! Available to the public for the first time ever, you’ll witness the tempo and the drills Curtis uses to develop championship caliber practices. Learn how his practice is organized and how it progresses to a full team environment. You will see the different environments that Curtis uses to teach different aspects of the game and you will sit in on a coaches meeting in which the coaches discuss ways to improve their practices. A must have for all coaches!

All Access Football Practice with J.T. Curtis

 All Access Football Practice with J.T. Curtis

  • Includes 7 live practices and 2 staff meetings! Over 13 hours of footage.
  • Incorporate all phases of the veer option running game.
  • Incorporate team conditioning while running team offense.
  • Learn how to organize practice in a way that keeps the athletes engaged in practice.
  • Improve the effectiveness of your practice time through the use of small group time, whole team time, and rotating players at a quick tempo.




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