All-Access Maryland Basketball: Two Rapid-Fire Team Drills

Go behind the scenes in College Park, Maryland as the University of Maryland women’s basketball team conducts an early season practice. Follow head coach Brenda Frese as she guides the Terps through a pair of rapid-fire team drills, including Argentina Passing, a demanding full-court exercise that gets players hustling, communicating, and focusing on key fundamentals.

Transition and Secondary Break

Overview: This drill works on picking up the loose ball on a turnover and making the most of your transition. In the first transition there will be one or two defenders, and in the secondary break there will be five defenders.

Player Movements: Keep moving toward the basket while maintaining good spacing.

Drill Essentials: Be aggressive in the transition in order to score when you have numbers up. Avoid back to back turnovers.

Drill Tips: Depending on the number of defenders in the first transition will determine how to attack the basket. With only one defender you want to go for the basket, if there are two defenders then you can make quick passes to find the open shot.

Argentina Passing 

Overview: A full-court drill, Argentina Passing gets your players to focus on passing and hustling. Players get into lines in the corners of the court, middle of the baseline, and hash marks near the sideline — on both ends of the floor.

Player Movements: Following a pass, players will either run across or diagonally, depending on which line they are in. For instance, the hash players will sprint back and forth across the court while the corner players go diagonal. Players in the middle go back and forth down the middle of the court to opposite ends.

Drill Essentials: Pass the ball around the perimeter of the floor for three minutes straight. Don’t let the ball hit the floor or the drill continues another 25 seconds. Look to get two balls going in the drill at once. Balls start in the middle. Also, in terms of direction, the ball should always go to the right.

Drill Tips: Essentially, players are catching the ball, pivoting, stepping, and then passing before sprinting to the opposite end of the court. Be sure to call the person’s name out you’re passing to. Meanwhile, get your butt down and play down low. Always give the passer a target.


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