3-on-0 Breakdown Drills for the Princeton Offense

We’ve recently covered the Chin, Point, and Low options in the Princeton Style Offense. Now it’s time to review some fantastic 3-on-0 drills catering towards these strategies. Follow along with coach Lee DeForest as he breaks down each drill and then shows you how it fits into the overall system. Finally, watch his players run through the drills at full speed to see how you can easily implement them in your own practice.

Breakdown Drills for Chin

Overview: In Chin, you don’t know exactly when you’ll be able to go backdoor. So this drill works on players dribbling at the wing and making a backdoor pass.

The Drill Breakdown: Run the drill 3-on-0. Get one player up top and two wing players. The man up top with the ball will wait for the overplay by the defense and then “dribble at backdoor” and towards the wing. Meanwhile, his teammate will cut backdoor and a pass is made for a strong finish. After each rep, have the players rotate spots.

Coaching Points: Timing is so key here, so be sure to emphasize this with your players. For instance, the wing players don’t want to leave until AFTER the ball is dribbled towards him/her. Also, have your players shoot layups with a variety of finishes to simulate game-like situations.

Breakdown Drills for Point

Overview: Keep the 3-on-0 format, however, this time have the post player work on catching the ball and chinning it before making a strong move.

The Drill Breakdown: The ball handler up top dribbles down the middle of the court while the post guy  flashes up from the block to the free throw line. The post player then catches the ball. From here, practice chinning the ball and then have the post guy follow the player who just passed him the ball.

Next, the passer sets an away screen before popping back and receiving the pass from the original post guy. The post should follow the ball to set a good ball screen. It’s key that the ball handler makes a good read here. For instance, you can come off the ball screen and take a shot OR you can drive and attack the basket for a layup OR you can attack the basket and kick it out to an open teammate. Be sure to rotate positions after each rep.

Drill Review:

*Practice on both sides of the basket and court.

*Run 2-3 drills for 2-3 minutes every day.

*Run the drills at game pace.

*Run through all options.

The previous clips can be seen on Championship Productions’ DVD “Winning with the Princeton Style Offense.” To check out more videos featured offensive systems, click here.

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