Exceptional Drills to Build Your Team’s Offensive Skill Set

In this week’s team development feature, pick up some stellar drills to help your players expand on their offensive skill repertoire. With Stanford head women’s basketball coach Tara VanDerveer leading the way, you’ll learn about tactics like advanced pick and roll moves, dribble drag shooting techniques, and other top-notch drills that can take your team to another level.

Pick and Roll Passing Series

This pick and roll passing series takes this classic basketball play a few steps further with advanced movements. Each technique involves two players at a time going in a half-court setting and working on pick and roll plays. Notice that the emphasis in each segment is with the passer completing specific movements (which are detailed below). However, both players will end up getting shots to close out each rep.

Step Through – This move is a great way to for players to free up open space in order to take a shot or make a strong pass against a recovering defense.

Jump Hook – Feeders will hit the shooters with a little jump hook pass that sails just over the top of the defense leading to a quality shot opportunity.

Bounce Off – This one is great for stretching out the defense. Players should think score first and then go into whatever pass they are working on. Also, be sure to get more separation from your screen and look to drag the defense out on the bounce off.

Reverse Pivot – In this final one, we want to get a good drive at the basket and at the defense to get them to back up. This will create two stride lengths for your passing lane.

Dribble Drag Shooting

According to Coach VanDerveer, this is one of the team’s favorite perimeter drills. It involves a ton of ball handling and shots. Plus, it’s fast-paced and fun.

One player starts with the ball at the top of the key. This player dribbles to one perimeter wing area and hands off to a cutting teammate. That cutting teammate then takes the handoff, dribbles to the elbow, and takes a jumper or drives further for a layup.

The original ball handler also has options. For instance, he or she can fake the handoff and then just take it to the rim. Also, the cutter can go backdoor rather than taking the handoff. The key is trying to sell the handoff.

Overall, this is a terrific drill for your players to get creative. It also gives them a ton of reps in a short period of time. Be sure to work both sides of the floor and basket when doing this one in practice with your team.

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