Behind the Scenes with Hall of Fame Coach Bob Hurley: Full Court Team Drills

In this exclusive all-access look, we return to Jersey City, New Jersey for a glimpse inside a recent St Anthony’s High School basketball practice. Watch as legendary head coach Bob Hurley leads his squad through a number of full court team drills, including “4 Passer Layups” and “3-on-2 + 2 Attacking the Basket.”

4 Passer Full Court Layups

A total of four feeders set up stationary at the hash marks of the basketball court (between half court and the baseline). One at a time, players will pass to each designated feeder while sprinting down the length of the court and then finish with a layup at the other end.

Coaching Points: It’s crucial that players protect the ball at all times. Be sure to take it hard to the rim on each rep. Get up and get off your feet. Make this drill as game-like as possible.

Coach Hurley eventually halts the drill to talk things over with his team, stressing that countless times players will catch the ball and then immediately take it to the side of the body. Because of this, players are getting stripped when going to the basket. When players release their left hand, don’t drop it. Keep it there so you can hold the defender off and are able to shoot the ball while protecting the layup.

3-on-2 + 2 Attacking the Basket

This end-to-end drill goes nonstop for two minutes. It’s also a tremendous drill for guards to work on their creativity, decision-making, and build confidence out on the basketball floor.

Three players should spread out evenly on the baseline looking to attack the other end of the court. The middle player will start with the ball. Two additional players are just behind them and chasing. Meanwhile, at the other end of the floor are two defenders waiting to guard the three offensive players coming down. At first, the three offensive players have an advantage if they attack and score fast. If they don’t, the two chasing defenders will quickly make it a 4-on-3 and the defense will then have the advantage.

After the play runs its course,the chasers become the next two defensive players and a new set of players are already sprinting down court. It’s truly nonstop for two minutes. After the 120 seconds are up, switch up the groups.

Tips: We don’t want the wing players to be creative in this scenario. Instead, the wings should look to catch the ball and immediately attack the basket. There’s no time to get fancy here. Take it right to the rim.

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