2 Proven Last-Second Plays to Add to Your Playbook Now

Searching for that perfect last-second play? Look no further than these proven game-winners. The following plays are ideal for end of quarter situations and have been used with great success by high school basketball programs around the country.

Game Winner from Sideline Out of Bounds

Submitted by Brad Hatfill, Head Boys’ Coach, Lewistown High School, Lewistown, Illinois

Overview: Coach Hatfill’s squad recently won two games using this exact play. The best player (in this case, player 3) takes the ball out of bounds. This often confuses the defense. The other players start in a box formation, with 5 and 4 at the top of the key and lane-line extended, and 1 and 2 between the top of the key and halfcourt.

The Action: Players 2 and 4 screen for players 1 and 5. 5 then sprints to the opposite wing area while 1 heads toward the ball. Player 2 then cuts to the farside (or weakside) of the court while 4 dives to the basket.

The Finish: Next, player 3 passes to 5, who then passes back to 3 as he flashes onto the court. Player 5 then sprints to the nearside block for a possible give-and-go. Meanwhile, player 4 is the weakside rebounder and player 1 trails the play. Also look for player 2 as he/she is often overlooked by the defense.

Green Block

Submitted by Brent Palmer, Head Girls’ Coach, Abilene High School, Abilene, Texas

Overview: If you only need two points at the end of the game, don’t try to get too fancy. This play will free up a player on the block for an easy score. Just be sure to get the timing down, as it’s vital to the play’s success.

The Set-up: Player 1 has the ball up at the top of the key. Player 2 is on the left side perimeter wing area and 3 starts out on the right side wing area. Players 4 and 5 begin on opposite low blocks.

The Action: Player 1 dribbles to the right side, player 5 moves to the high post and player 4 sets a back screen for player 2. Player 2 uses that back screen and slides to the ballside corner.

The Finish: Player 3 then screens for 4. Player 4 uses the screen and cuts to the ballside low block. Next, 1 passes to 2 in the corner, who immediately passes to an open 4 on the block for an easy layup attempt.

The previous clips can be seen on Championship Productions’ DVD “Over 50 Game-Winning Last-Second Plays.” Got a clutch play that has worked wonders for your squad? E-mail us at info@championshipproductions.com and we’ll feature it in an upcoming story.  

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