Two Fantastic Fast Break Drills to Include in Your Practice Plan

A first-rate transition drill can be one of the most beneficial tools that a coach can have at his or her disposal. By being proficient in the transition game, a basketball team can maintain a major advantage over its opponent during the course of a game. With the following drills, read through each description first before watching them get played out live on the court.

Carolina Fast Break Drill

Submitted by Greg Miller, Armstrong HS, Minneapolis, Minnesota

This is a terrific conditioning and transition drill often referred to as the old “Dean Smith drill.”

Get two teams of five. A jump ball starts a normal game of 5-on-5. If a team scores, a coach at that end of the floor will throw an outlet pass to a player on the team that scored. Immediately, they will run a fast break going the other way down court. The outlet must be received inside the three-point line.

However, if a shot is missed, play continues just as in a normal game and the team that secured the rebound transitions down court.

Play to a pre determined score or set a time limit. Also, you easily can add in a no dribbling rule to emphasize good passes and efficient ball movement.

The Daily Dozen Drill

Submitted by Dr. Gregg Williams, North Hall High School, Gainesville, Georgia

Overview: This is a perfect drill to begin or finish practice with each day. The goal here is to make 12 consecutive layups without the ball ever touching the floor or without making a turnover.

The Set-Up: Split up the post players into two groups and put them in a line under each basket. Do the same thing with the guards and wings, but have them in two groups at the half-court line by the sideline. Put two minutes on the clock.

The Action: Start the drill by having a coach bounce the ball off the backboard. The first post player grabs the rebound and throws an outlet pass to the nearest guard at the half-court line who is breaking to a proper outlet position. The next pass is to the other guard who is streaking on an angle towards the far foul line area for a layup.

Notes: Players must make 12 layups in a row before two minutes expires. If any player misses, makes a turnover, or dribbles, the layup count starts back over at zero. However, the clock continues to run.

The previous clips can be seen on Championship Productions’ DVD¬†“25 Aggressive Transition and Conditioning Drills” produced by Winning Hoops. To check out more videos featuring transition drills and concepts, click here.

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