Transition Offense: Incorporating Screens and Post Entry Passes for Easy Buckets

In the latest team development feature, learn a pair of proven offensive techniques that will improve your team’s overall transition game. Follow along with Sinclair (OH) head men’s basketball coach Jeff Price as he reveals ways to use back screens and post entry passes to net easy baskets while on the move.

Two Man Transition Shooting

While often a second option on transition, this is a terrific technique to get off high percentage shots down low. Begin by setting up two lines of players. Players will fly in from half court. One line will go straight to the corner and the other will go to the low block. Next, there’s a post entry from the corner to the low block. Immediately after, there’s a strong post move and shot attempt.

Also, you can also use both sides of the court at the same time to get more reps and different looks at the basket.

Keys: Really have your players work on post moves during their individual drill time. Be sure they stay high on the block as well. Meanwhile, it’s also important to maintain proper spacing. Otherwise, the techniques won’t be as effective.

Back Screen Jumper

Moving forward with the transition offense, lets now simulate moving the ball in reversal. We can also incorporate trailers and back screens. The goal here is to get a back screen for an alley oop chance. Second, we will look for a step-back jumper.

By getting the ball to the corner, we have flattened out the defense. Now it should be an advantage for us. Once the ball is reversed, we want to go down and sit on the block before coming up and setting a back screen at the top of the key. The trailer will cut off of it and head straight to the rim. After setting the screen, the screener will pop out, receive a pass, and hit a jump shot.

Coaching Points: Don’t have your players up top always be in a hurry. Make sure to wait for the player to get set up prior to passing the ball. Also, be shot ready once you have made the screen. As we mentioned previously, maintain good spacing.

The previous clips can be seen on Championship Productions’ DVD “Comprehensive Guide to Transition Offense” featuring Jeff Price. To check out more plays specific to transition offense, click here.

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