Improve Your Starts by Getting Off the Blocks Faster!

Here we feature drills by coach Maurice Wilson of the Jamaican National Track & Field Team Head Coach. Jamaica has a long tradition of sprinting success, all the way back to Olympic 200 champion Don Quarrie from 1976 to “the World’s Fastest Man” today in Usain Bolt. Critical to any success in the sprints will be the start. His use of drills and strength building at the high school level involves the same techniques and philosophies as the Jamaican Olympic teams.


Coach Wilson first determines how to determine leg placement in the blocks by use of a “fall and start” drill. This will determine your “quick leg”. The leg that comes forward to catch your fall will be the leg you will place in the front block. Next, Coach Wilson makes sure that the three command start is understood. Sometimes as coaches we forget that athletes may need to learn the very basics of the event. Coach Wilson stresses proper positioning and relaxation in the blocks. He then stresses the proper way to drive out of the blocks, staying low and with what he terms the “proper heel recovery.”

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