Dynamic Stretching Exercises to Maximize Athlete’s Movements!

Dynamic stretches represent the movements that focus on stretching the muscle/movement as well as strengthening the muscle/movement. University of Kansas Assistant Coach, Elisha Brewer, discusses the importance of Dynamic Exercises and how each movement contributes to the strength needed to become a championship hurdler. During the “Fire Hydrant” exercise you can really see and feel how the athletes has to use their hips, core and glutes to maximize this movement.

When you look at a hurdler’s movement, it’s clear that the presence of strength and coordination are needed to perform this event. If you can for a moment, please visualize a hurdler going over a hurdle in an upright position: now keep that same movement in mind as you observe the two athletes in this section perform the “Fire Hydrant.” You should be able to see how both movements work in tandem with one another thus playing to the strength component of hurdling. Coach Brewer’s finest point about the “Fire Hydrant” is that you need to keep your upper body flat, your core is engaged and your focus is on the hip, groin and glutes rather than any upper body movement.

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