Score More Points with Your Smaller Outside Hitters!

Develop a faster offense with the ability to adjust to your opponent and free up your outside hitters. 2012 NCAA National Runner-up and 2012 Volleyball Magazine National Coach of the Year, Jim Moore, goes over concepts he thinks every offense should have and then discusses the goals he has for his offense. You will gain a fast-paced unpredictable offense that is difficult to defend. Your players will have more freedom to attack along the net from various places to set-up more scoring opportunities for your team.

Unorthodox Attack: Creating Openings for Smaller Outside Hitters

Unorthodox Attack: Creating Openings for Smaller Outside Hitters

  • Create an up-tempo offense that will free up your outside hitters
  • Create a stable serve receive pattern in all six rotations
  • Match up your best hitter on your opponent’s weakest blocker
  • Isolate your hitters with misdirection and audibles to create 1-on-1 situations and cause blocking confusion



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