4 New Breakdown Drills for the Flex Offense

Last summer, we highlighted five tremendous breakdown drills for the Flex Offense. This time, we’re taking things a step further by adding four more highly effective breakdown drills to the mix, including “Scramble to the Flex” and “The Cutter Drill.” Follow along as Elizabethtown head men’s basketball coach Bob Schlosser once again leads you through each drill and provides helpful commentary throughout.

Scramble to the Flex Drill

In this first drill, players will run in a circle around the foul line. From here we want the players to get into their flex positions immediately on the floor. After a few seconds of running, the coach will set the ball down and then the players will balance the floor. In the scramble situation when the ball goes to the floor, the nearest guy will pick it up and the players immediately get to their spots and right into the flex.

5-on-2 Drill

Now we will have one defender guard any two offensive players. Do not help, but instead, deny your player the ball. This will encourage the offensive guys to go back door to get open. Also, run through five passes before you shoot it. The two defenders will not touch the ball. This particular drill encourages running good cuts and setting up the defender. The defenders will play man-to-man and must stick to their man.

5-on-3 Drill

Next up in the 5-on-3 drill, we’re working on passes off the elbow. Three defenders will guard the offensive players along the baseline.

Start the drill with a pass off the elbow. After the guard’s initial pass, the guards up top must set a staggered screen. Look to run this drill until someone who’s not guarded makes a flex cut. This really emphasizes the staggered screens. Meanwhile, when you make that high to low pass, it’s crucial that screeners get a piece of the defender on the pick so you can get the ball inside or get into the flex continuity.

The Cutter Drill

This final breakdown drill goes 3-on-3. Get a cutter, screener, and passer on the box ready to come up. All players should be on the low block extended. The goal here is get a strong flex cut. That flex cutter will set up his man low and then come up high for the catch and layup on the opposite block.

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The previous clips can be seen on Championship Productions’ DVD “Comprehensive Guide to the Flex” featuring Bob Schlosser. Check out more videos featuring offensive systems by heading over to our basketball library.

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