2 Competitive Rebounding Drills That Pay Dividends at Every Level

Win the battle of the boards this season by incorporating these proven rebounding drills into your practice plan. The following drills — which are perfect for middle school, high school, and college level programs — are first explained step by step before a real team runs through them live on the basketball court.

Rebound Pit Drill

Submitted by Larry Inman, Former Head Women’s Coach at Eastern Kentucky University and Current Coach at Tennessee State

Overview: This is a demanding drill that challenges players both mentally and physically. Position two lines of players hitting the boards every time a coach or manager shoots it. Look to start out on the lane line extended and just above the three-point circle.

Drill Movements: Two defensive players will step up just in front of the offensive players and will box out and secure the board until they rebound  three consecutive times. If they don’t get three rebounds in a row, they must start over from scratch. Also, players should rotate through and get to play both positions.

UNI Rebounding Drill

Submitted by Scott DeJong, Ankeny High School, Ankeny, Iowa

Overview: This is a competitive rebounding drill that simulates game conditions. There are four offensive players set up; One on the wing, one up top, one on the block, and another player on the weakside post/baseline area.

Meanwhile, the defensive players set up like this: One player is guarding on the weakside, another at the top of the key, a third in the post, and a defender X1 guards the ball.

Drill Movements: To begin the drill, X1 makes a bounce pass to the wing shooter and then closes out on the shot. All other players must block out. If the defense gets the ball, they must outlet to the coach. The coach then passes to the next defender in line. Players will rotate on defense through the different positions. Defenders are up for 10 shots and then switch with the offense. Keep stats and the team with the most boards after 10 total shots is the winner.

Coaching Tip: Mix up your post defense. For instance, try a fronted post on several reps and see how your players respond.

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