Game-Like Shooting Drills: The Penetrate and Kick Series

When it comes to game-like shooting drills, the Penetrate and Kick Series is one of the most effective drills you can run in basketball practice. For former Duke assistant coach Chris Collins, the drill series teaches players about proper spacing, how to instinctively move without the ball, how to drive and dish effectively, and how to get good game shots.

Middle Drives

This drill series is something that Duke basketball implements all the time in practice. The drills really work on improving footwork, drive and kick ability, team communication, and getting in game shots. Start with two lines and get three players in each line. The ball should be up top with a coach. Begin by going off the right side.

Start with a V-cut where you must work to get open. Players also must call for the ball. Next, catch the ball in a strong triple threat and imagine you are being guarded by someone. From here, look to hard attack the middle. The goal: You must get into the paint.

Coaches: Get on your players if they take lazy routes or don’t get into the lane. You could also have a coach stand there in front of the passer to drive the point home.

*Tip: Drive to score. If you do this, the defense collapses and now you have options, bailouts, and kicks.

As for the shooter on the opposite wing, they cannot just stand in that spot. Any good defense will have solid helpside pressure. Therefore, you can slide behind the ball OR chase to the corner (if the defense slides up). Your feet should be locked and loaded and ready to shoot.

Meanwhile, after the passer dishes off, the passer can’t just stand there. This player must get to an open area. The coach up top will have a ball and the passer will now play off of the coach. Get to an open area for the pass and shot.

*Make it Competitive: You can run this drill with the entire team working together to reach a goal. Or you can split things up and have teams play against each other.

Baseline Drives

As you drive baseline, the opposite wing’s responsibility is to give his teammate a bailout in the opposite corner. As he drives, defenses will rotate. From here you can make two passes. The first is a baseline pass. You can actually pass out of bounds (with feet inbounds, of course) to get yourself a lane to get around the defense. The second option is that you can deliver a power skip. Jump up and let go of a powerful skip pass across for any open shot. Eventually, look to add shot fakes to these drives as well.

The previous clips can be seen on Championship Productions’ DVD “Duke Basketball: Competitive Shooting Drills.” To check our latest videos focusing on shooting drills, click here.

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