All-Access Richmond Basketball: Warm-Up Drills and Competitive 2-on-2 Action

In the latest edition of All Access, we return to Richmond, Virginia for a glimpse inside a University of Richmond men’s basketball practice. Follow along as head coach Chris Mooney leads the Spiders through a series of quick-fire warm-up drills before getting into competitive 2-on-2 action in the post.

Star Passing

We begin with this rapid-fire passing drill that plays out in the middle of the court. The drill utilizes one ball but comes from multiple angles. Players must concentrate throughout and move fast. Be sure to deliver good passes to your teammates each time, step into the catch, and don’t jump. Be attentive and move briskly.

Layup Drills

Next, players pass and cut before delivering a layup. Each athlete must really work on shooting all different types of layups. This makes the layup drill game-like and realistic. Whether you go with reverse layups, opposite hand layups, or something else, fly in hard each time and assume that you must finish the play against an active defense.

2-on-2 Post Up

In this final series, the ball gets rotated back and forth between coaches around the perimeter. Meanwhile, players go 2-on-2 down low. Offensive players fight for positioning and try to get open for a high percentage shot. At the same time, the defense works on getting good positioning and preventing any entry pass for an easy bucket. Notice how the defense fronts the post and brings that extra element of pressure.

After a few passes between coaches, the ball gets entered and the action plays out. Players will switch up from offense to defense and vice versa. Also, watch as the players demonstrate hustle plays, such as diving out for loose balls and taking charges.

The previous clips can be seen on Championship Productions’ DVD “All Access Richmond Basketball Practice with Chris Mooney.” To check out more videos in our all-access lineup, click here

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