Lead and Trail Leg Drills to Run the Hurdles Faster!

Nat Page of Georgia Tech was not only once a world class high jumper, but is an acknowledged master coach of the hurdle events.  Lead leg and Trail leg drills are basic to any hurdler’s skill development.  But sometimes seeing the fundamentals done by a master (Terrance Trammell) and explained by a master coach (Nat Page) can serve a valuable point by reminding all coaches and athletes, no matter how experienced, of those little technique cues and important points that can make all the difference in a championship season.  Quickness in the lead getting up and down and running off the last hurdle are emphasized.

Be sure the athlete is focused on the proper form and not just going through a routine.  On the trail leg drill the trail leg comes high around the hurdle and around in front of the body, to drive for the next hurdle.  There should be no wasted action.  Use line lines to make sure the body is aligned down the track.

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