Behind-the-Scenes Oklahoma Basketball: Thunder Share Drill & Circle Shooting

In this all-access glimpse, we take you to Norman, Oklahoma for a look inside a University of Oklahoma women’s basketball practice. Watch as head coach Sherri Coale leads the Sooners through a variety of fast-paced practice segments, including the rapid-fire “Circle Shooting Drill” and “Thunder Share.

Pre-Practice Action

The action begins with fundamental lines. The players work on using proper footwork for things like how to start and stop, how to turn, and how to pass.

Four lines initiate from on the baseline. The drill starts with players making a fake and then continue by dribbling up the court, coming up to a defender (or coach), stopping abruptly, faking, jabbing, and then making a strong pass back to a teammate on the baseline, who repeats the same thing. The drill continues like this at a fast pace and demands great intensity throughout its duration.

Thunder Share Drill

This next drill works on getting the ball down low, feeding the post, looking for outlets, maintaining proper floor spacing, and making strong drives to the hoop. The action begins with direct drives from half court. Players blow by a defender but can’t get over anxious. Coach Coale reminds players to be patient and to always remember their fundamentals.

Circle Shooting

This final drill is a quick-fire layup drill that starts out in the lane. Players circle around in the lane one after another shooting layups and using both sides of the glass. After a set period of time, players move into jump shots around the free throw line. There are a number of balls going at once. Eventually, the drill moves out of the lane and implements passes stemming from the half-court wing area.

The previous clips can be seen on Championship Productions’ DVD “All Access Oklahoma Women’s Basketball Practice” with Sherri Coale. To check out more videos in our All-Access lineup, click here

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