Fan Submitted Lacrosse Drill of the Month: Sesame Street

This month’s lacrosse drill was submitted by Chaun Klemetsrud from Champlin Park High School in Minnesota.

Sesame Street Drill

Get three lines behind the net, about 10 yards apart from each other. Name the lines A, B, and C, or any team letters.

Get two lines just above the box line. Name the lines 1 & 2, or any team numbers.

1) The coach throws a ball to any of the three lines behind the net, while releasing the first player in the two lines up top. This is a 3 v 2 attacking from X in favor of ABC.

2) After it’s played out to a shot, save, or clear, release the next two players from the lines up top. Now it’s a 4 v 3 situation in favor of Team #’s.

3) Players that were on offense now must play defense and vice versa. Halfway through the drill, have the players behind the net switch spots with those up top so they can both get looks.

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