3 Shooting Drills to Develop Offensive Mechanics

Add these effective shooting drills to your practice plan this season and watch your offense really take flight. Franklin & Marshall head women’s lacrosse coach Mike Faith breaks down each drill for you on a whiteboard before having his squad go through them at full speed out on the practice field.

Spider Shooting Drill

Coach Faith’s squad spends up to 20 minutes per day working on shooting alone. This particular drill is always at the top of the list. With no goalie in net, the focus here is squarely on shooters working on mechanics and getting in a ton of reps. The more reps you can get, the better. Eventually, we’ll get into drills that help with accuracy, but the key now is to focus on shooting form and getting his hips, shoulders, and legs into every shot.

How it works: Two players will go at the same time. One coach will be feeding a player for a right-handed shot while another coach will be feeding a second player for a left-handed shot.

Each coach will toss a ball out. Players will catch it, step, and shoot. In the video, notice the position of the cones. These cones will help you stay even with the goal. Also, while the players are shooting, remind them to keep that front shoulder pointing in towards the goal. This helps keep them in line with the net and leads to higher accuracy.

Shooting Shuttle

Once again, the focus here is on how the players turns their hips, shoulders, and get their legs into each shot. Although a different drill, we’re using the same concepts as the Spider Drill. Now, essentially, the players will be doing it on a line.

How it works: Players will split up into two different lines facing one another. Two players will go at a time. The drill begins as one player will pass across to the other. While on the run, that player will catch the pass, come across the designated line, and shoot on the move. The action goes back and forth between left and right-handed shots.

The drill really helps keep the shoulders locked. You always get the feel of the legs getting into each shot and not just using the arms.

Goal Line Extended Drill

This final drill is helpful towards learning how to shoot around a defender. You can really get creative with your stickwork and shooting as well.

First, you must learn how to shoot on the GLE and shoot accurately on an empty net. This is a chance to get a feel of where the ball should be in the stick. Also, try to really work on extending your stick and imagine shooting around a defender.

How it works: Players go one at a time and start just behind the GLE. Each player will extend their stick out towards the field and shoot on cage from there. Be sure to get a lot of reps and try to snap the wrist on each release.

Tip: Coaches should look to place their stick out so that shooters don’t release with a side arm motion. They will be forced to adapt and shoot under your stick.

Finally, place a coach or manager at a designated spot on the field and have the players sprint out and around them before shooting on net. By shooting around a defender, this replicates game situations and gets players shooting differently each time.

The previous clips can be seen on Championship Productions’ DVD “Individual & Team Practice Drills for Women’s Lacrosse” with Mike Faith. To check out more videos featuring shooting drills and offensive tips, click here

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