Man Defense: 2 Competitive Team Drills That Net Results

Take your practices to another level with these competitive team drills that focus on man-t0-man defensive concepts. Watch your defensive play improve as your squad responds to these demanding but exciting drills. Northern Iowa head men’s basketball coach Ben Jacobson walks you through each drill before letting his players go full speed for multiple reps. 

Paint Touch Drill

We start off with this engaging 3-on-3 drill in a half court setting. The goal for defenders: Don’t get beat baseline and keep the ball out of the paint. Look to level it off coming to the middle. Meanwhile, offensive players are working to put the ball in the paint with the dribble. Their goal is to touch the paint as many times as they can OR beat the defense baseline. Your coach should keep track of paint or baseline touches.

Notice that Coach Jacobson places a big emphasis on the angle of approach defensively. Click here to watch Jacobson explain more about this effective individual technique.

Coaching Point: Get your team to rally around charges and loose ball recoveries every time it happens in practice.

How to Turn the Paint Touch Drill into a Competitive Drill:

Give the players 15 seconds per simulation. If the ball gets to the baseline or touches the paint, you count up the points earned. The number of times that happens in the 15 seconds would equate to the number of lines players would have to run.

Seven Point Drill

In this 5-on-5 drill, the defense gets two points for a loose ball recovery or a charge taken and one point for a stop. Meanwhile, the offense gets two points for an offensive rebound, points for any score, and one point if fouled.

The offense has a distinct advantage in this one. The first team to get to 7 points is the winner. If the defense doesn’t get the charges or recoveries, they must get 7 stops before the offense gets about two or three baskets.

This drill really works on that mentality that a team will hang its hat on defense. What’s it going to take to get to 7 points before the offense does?

The previous clips can be seen on Championship Productions’ DVD “Competitive Drills for Man-to-Man Defense.” To check out more defensive-oriented videos, simply head over to our basketball library.


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