Maximize Distance with Effective Discus Training!

One of the hardest tasks of any coach is teaching the beginning discus thrower the proper technique. In this video, Texas A&M Assistant Coach, Juan De La Garza, provides you with insight on an important part of discus throwing, including positioning footwork and the body for maximum effect.   De Le Garza shows you how to perform the windup correctly before the release.

Here Coach De La Garza emphasizes that the base of the wind is on proper positioning of the foot.  While the right foot remains stable as a base, the left foot acts as your pivot.  Your athlete should be on the ball of the foot.  Emphasis is placed on the heel being lifted, but not high off the ground.  It remains low.  The knee should be advanced out in front of the toe, and the athlete should feel pressure on their thigh.  The upper body winds to a point where there is elastic tension, in other words, where it will naturally want to unwind…this will help provide the energy for the throw.

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