Behind the Scenes Denver Lacrosse: Coaches Meetings & Half-Field Drills

In this behind-the-scenes glimpse, we visit Denver, Colorado for a look inside a recent University of Denver men’s lacrosse practice. Watch as head coach Bill Tierney leads his staff through a typical practice planning session before heading out to the turf for half-field drills. 

Coaches Meeting

It’s the third day of practice and the Denver men’s lacrosse program is getting prepared for its season opener. We pick things up at a coaches meeting where the staff works together to devise a practice plan for that afternoon’s session.

Highlights: The roundtable discussion highlights the need for the team to go through as many specific scenarios as they can before moving into full-field work, including 6-on-4 and 7-on-5 situations to simulate challenging transition play.

Says coach Tierney, “We got to make sure we’re not extending to the ball because the opponent will skip the ball or take a shot on us coming down.”

Keep Away

Once out on the field, about half the team moves into a pressure passing drill. According to Coach Tierney, the drill will help the players get used to catching and throwing under pressure.

On the other end, the players (mostly defensive) work on a keep away drill. In this particular scenario, there will be one more offensive player than total defensive players, so it’s imperative for them to move around and keep their feet moving as they catch and throw the ball. It’s also crucial that players work hard on putting pressure on the offense as they catch the ball.

3-on-3 Defense Behind the Goal

Finally, practice wraps up with a 3-on-3 drill that initiates from behind the cage. Defenders specifically focus on making fluid switches behind the goal and being able to cover any cutting offensive players around the crease.

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