Behind the Scenes with Bob Hurley: Inbound Plays and Figure 8 Drills

In this behind-the-scenes look, we visit Jersey City, New Jersey for a glimpse inside a recent St Anthony’s High School basketball practice. Follow along as Hall of Fame coach Bob Hurley leads his squad though a series of inbound plays and figure eight drills that are crucial parts of the team’s overall practice plan. 

Out of Bounds Plays

Coach Hurley starts the action off by having the team run through three different out of bounds plays. Notice that two groups of players work on the plays simultaneously but on different ends of the gym. On the first call, the teams are running play No. 1 (“Michigan”) from underneath the basket before getting into No. 2 “Blazers” and then No. 3 “Kentucky.”

First up is Michigan, which features a pair of screens for a shooter and then a screen the screener situation. When the ball gets inbounded, a coach immediately makes a call and then the unit runs a set play from there.

Coaching Reminders: Jump stop on the screens. Get the knees bent. Put your hand on the hip of the player you are going by. There should be no room for the defense to get through.

Figure 8 Drill

The Figure 8 drill features one group of three players going back and forth down the court for one minute, resulting in a layup each time down the floor. The goal is to see how many layups these players can make in the timeframe. This is a terrific drill that works on conditioning, fundamentals, and bringing out some competitiveness in each practice.

Coaching Reminders: Every pass should be a two-handed chest pass. Every layup should be with just one leg. Remember, you don’t want to slow up and have people catch you from behind.

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