Competitive and Fun Situational Wrestling Drills!

Be ready for any situation in your next match with phenomenal training exercises featuring 3X NCAA Champion, Eric Guerrero.  Many scenarios can be worked on during training using the competitive drill format in this segment.

Coach Guerrero conducts this drill with one wrestler (A) in a stance on his feet; wrestler (B) shuffles around (A) and attacks the legs when the coach claps; (B) reacts to the attack with a sprawl and go-behind. A second option in this drill is to have (A) attack a single leg and come up off the mat; (B) is then to execute a whizzer and far wrist control to break the lock.

Take a look at an additional clip from the DVD, AAU Wrestling Skills Series: Counter Offense.  Also, view other Eric Guerrero DVDs from our massive Wrestling DVD collection!

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