New Softball DVDs/Downloads that can Improve Pitching and Fielding!

Florida State University Head Coach and Canadian National Team Assistant Coach, Lonni Alameda, was also a 2x All Big 8 softball player at Oklahoma.  She will teach your players how to get the ball to base faster and get the out. Also, Coach Alameda shows you the pitching workout that led the Seminoles to a Top 10 national ranking in ERA for the 2012 season.  See what these 2 new Softball DVDs have to offer:

“Full Pen” Pitching Workout

  • Create more game-like bullpen sessions
  • Learn drills for each phase of the pitching motion to help pinpoint and correct common problems
  • Get your pitcher and catcher on the same page to build trust and perform at a maximum level
  • The Seminoles ranked in the Top 10 nationally in ERA during the 2012 season

Flips, Feeds and Fundamentals

  • Learn a defensive routine that will develop the quick movements you need to be successful on game day
  • Learn the best feed to use to a base depending on the location of the ball
  • Field back hands and forehands using a step-over technique that will help your players to increase their range and get to more balls
  • Teach your outfielders to be more efficient with their throws

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