Learn a Variety of New Basketball Skills and Drills!

Discover excellent skills and drills to improve on various aspects of the game such as the Dribble Drive, Pick & Roll, Ball Screen Offense, and Man-to-Man Defense.  Get instruction from ESPN Basketball Analyst, Fran Fraschilla, and University of Illinois Women’s Head Coach, Matt Bollant.  These Basketball DVDs will provide you with the opportunity to find new material to work on in practice and perform better during the game.

Attacking the Rim with the Dribble Drive Motion Offense

  • Put relentless pressure on your opponent’s defense
  • Learn to implement the Dribble Drive Motion offense step by step, from 3v0, 4v0, 5v0, to live 5v5 game play
  • Learn multiple drills that can be used to help teach the DDM and develop the attack mentality needed in your players for this offense
  • Add variety to your offense with set plays that flow into the main offense while giving different players unique plays to score

International Continuity Pick and Roll Offense

  • Generate more offensive opportunities for your best players
  • Disguise the spread pick and roll offense and confuse your opponents with various entry sets
  • Learn the “Lithuania Continuity” Side Pick and Roll Offense

Drills for Building Your Man-to-Man Defense

  • Learn drills that will increase your team’s ability to play better help defense
  • Prevent the ball from splitting defenders while still recovering to your man
  • Use the overload principle in your defensive drills to push your players’ abilities to the limit

5-Star Coaching Series: Practice Drills and Ball Screen Offense

  • Pick up seven drills that will help you build your defense around aggressive play and challenge your opponent
  • Learn 10 ball screen progressions that will allow you to work on every ball screen defensive action your team will face in a season
  • Use a 4-on-4 half court shell to simultaneously build a pick and roll offense and teach your team to defend screening actions

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