2 Effective Pick ‘n Roll Plays Perfect for Crunch Time

The pick ‘n roll can be a very effective offensive technique with the right personnel and match-ups. It can also be a go-to option during critical moments and must-score situations. Look to add these proven pick ‘n roll plays to your offensive arsenal this season. Both have been used with great success at the college level.

Pick ‘n Roll Quick Hitter

Submitted by Rick Berger, Former head coach at Westfield State College, Westfield, MA

Player 1 starts with the ball up top. Players 2 and 3 are on opposite wings while players 5 and 4 are on opposite low blocks.

Option A: Player 5 starts by breaking to the top of the key and sets a pick for 1. Player 1 then passes to 2 and uses 5’s pick to break towards the hoop. Player 2 looks to hit 1 cutting through the lane. If the pass isn’t there, player 1 flashes back to the weakside wing area and 3 replaces 1’s spot up at the top of the key.

Option B: Player 1 passes to 2 on the wing. Player 4 breaks up and sets a screen for 2. 2 dribbles around the screen and drives to the hoop. 2 and 4 should look for a nice give and go on the pick ‘n roll.


Submitted by Bill Agronin, Niagara University, Niagara, NY

The Set-Up: Start in a 1-4 high set, with 1 up top, 2 and 3 on opposite wings, and 4 and 5 on opposite elbows.

The Action: Player 1 dribbles right and then throws a pass left to 5, who is popping out to the top of the key. Meanwhile, player 2 breaks hard to the low block on the weak side. Player 5 passes back to 1 along the right wing area. On the pass, player 2 breaks up high across the lane and sets a screen for 5. Player 5 then uses player 2’s screen and rolls hard to the basket. 4 slides down and screens for 2 who uses the screen and rolls to the top of the key.

The Finish: Player 1 looks to hit 5 rolling to the hoop or hits 2 for a three-point shot. If neither shot is available, player 1 passes to 2, where 2 and 4 will run a pick and roll move.

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