Develop Better Counter Attacks to Win Your Upcoming Meets!

Looking for great counters to increase your offense? Then listen to 3X NCAA Champion, Eric Guerrero. The Oklahoma State University Assistant Coach gives you tips for your counter offense with the down block drill and a partner drill.  Work on head and arm blocking to give yourself a better opportunity to score points.


When the leader or coach fakes, the wrestlers are to drop their head and hands to the mat similar to a three point stance.  The second drill is done with a partner. Partner #1 makes a leg attack, partner #2 blocks with the head and hands. If partner #1 stays down on the mat, partner #2 performs a snap and go behind technique. If partner #1 comes back up after the leg attack is blocked, then partner #2 performs a re-shot double leg to a finish.

Take a look at an additional clip from the DVD, AAU Wrestling Skills Series: Counter Offense.  Also, view other Eric Guerrero DVDs from our massive Wrestling DVD collection!

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