Develop the Complete Soccer Team to Win More Matches!

Watch as Illinois Wesleyan University Head Women’s Soccer Coach, Dave Barrett, uses live practices to demonstrate three small-sided games, where limited space forces players to make quick decisions and enhances their first touch as they go to goal.  Also, prevent your opponent from advancing into your defensive half with effective transition defending.  Implement the tactics and develop the skills in these two videos and your team will improve their overall form:

Techniques and Tactics for Transition Defending

  • Teach your back four to retreat and take away space in front of the goal
  • Learn the correct technique to close space while defending
  • Train midfield players to back-tackle during transition
  • Keep your back four defenders organized and positioned to win the ball

Competitive Finishing Drills in Game Conditions

  • Create more opportunities to score with controlled, quick touches and passing
  • Use combination play and discover ways to attack your target
  • Take advantage of numbers up situations to score more goals

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