Learn Softball Tips from the USA National Team!

Here is your chance to get one-on-one hitting instruction from USA National Team Hitting Coach and BYU Head Softball Coach Gordon Eakin. In these DVDs, Coach Eakin delivers an in-depth look at the fundamentals of hitting, reveals his hitting philosophy, and discusses essential mechanics for successful hitting. Check out what these three Softball DVDs have to offer:

The Fundamentals of Hitting

  • Learn key techniques to hitting with power and consistency
  • Discover six common flaws and why they’re harmful to your hitter’s swings
  • Take a hitting lesson from USA National Team Hitting Coach Gordon Eakin

Advanced Hitting Techniques

  • Take your swing to the next level with USA National Team Hitting Coach Gordon Eakin
  • Get drills to sync the upper and lower body for a consistent and powerful swing
  • Learn vision drills in each practice to better see the location and speed of the ball
  • Understand the importance of bat lag to get on plane with the pitch with power and extension

Drills for Developing the Complete Hitter

  • Features drills used by Gordon Eakin to train the USA Softball National Team
  • Develop a more consistent, fluid swing
  • Learn drills that will increase your leg strength–and hitting power–without weights


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