Strength & Conditioning Exercises to Create Well-Rounded Swimmers!

Check out detailed training instruction from Bryan Karkoska, Strength and Conditioning Coach at Auburn University. Brett Hawke is the Auburn Sprint Coach. Both have coached alongside legendary swimming coach, Richard Quick!  There are a number of drills here, which will help the athlete who desires to perform at their best, every meet.

Bryan explains a number of moves incorporating a medicine ball to build core strength. Adding the rotations as seen in the final move in this sequence mimics the movements and strength needed for swimming as opposed to the typical forward moves seen performed in a typical gym.

Bryan explains how the moves in this section aren’t necessarily going for strength, but focusing on speed and power. A few variations of the push-up are performed in this sequence. There are also a number of more advanced moves following this sequence.

Coach Hawke displays a fun partner drill where two swimmers battle it out in the pool using an inexpensive piece of equipment. This stick resistance drill is sure to be more fun for your swimmers than the usual yardage with a kickboard!

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