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Dr. Jeff Huber is the Head Diving Coach at Indiana University and was the 2000 and 2004 U.S. Olympic Diving Coach. He’s been the Big Ten Coach of the Year and US Diving National Coach of the Year on numerous occasions. This is an excellent resource for coaches to teach their divers how to work on their hurdle portion of the dive.


In this sequence of drills, Coach Huber shows you and your athletes how to use a box found in nearly every gym to improve positioning in a forward dive and back press to be a successful diver. The hurdle is a crucial movement of the dive and Coach Huber addresses where the center of mass should remain along with correct body positioning of the legs and arms. 

Take a look at an additional clip from Becoming a Champion Diver: Skills and Drills for Success.  See other beneficial Jeff Huber DVDs in our massive Swimming DVD collection!

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