Top-Notch Inside Trip Instruction featuring a Wrestling Great!

Watch and learn the proper way to execute an Inside Trip from a 2-on-1 with NCAA Division I Champion, Jessie Reyes. He shows you how to secure a 2-on-1 and emphasizes that you must control the 2-on-1 on the side that you are tripping. Bring your opponent to the mat more often with these great tips.


He also states that your body must end up on the side that you are going to trip. Coach Reyes stresses that you always pressure into your opponent first when securing the 2-on-1, and when your opponent pushes back you circle away from the arm you are controlling. Then you take a side step and step into the body while shoving your opponents arm across his body with your bottom hand. The hand that had the shoulder cap comes down like a double. 

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