Become a Champion in Your Track & Field Event!

Here we have a video series that has been created specifically for female track & field athletes that clearly details how to improve in each event. These Track & Field DVDs include instruction and demonstration from Olympic and collegiate coaches and athletes! See what techniques and drills you can learn to use in your team’s practices or meets.

Becoming a Champion: Discus for Girls’ Track & Field

  • Learn techniques and drills for maintaining your balance and posture to maximize throwing distance
  • Identify common mistakes in your technique and how you can correct them
  • Learn how to prepare – both mentally and physically – for competition

Becoming a Champion: Pole Vault for Girls’ Track & Field

  • Discover how pole weight limits, the bend of the pole, hand placement, grips and more can effect your vaults
  • Use “pool vaulting” to slow down vaulting techniques and safely learn and improve your mechanics
  • Learn multiple teaching progressions that allow the athlete to fine tune their approach to the pole vault

Becoming a Champion: High Jump for Girls’ Track & Field

  • Learn the hows and whys to becoming a better high jumper
  • Teach and develop drills for both experienced and beginning high jumpers
  • See take off techniques for both single- and double-arm jumpers
  • Drills and techniques in this video are demonstrated by both a beginning and a veteran jumper

Becoming a Champion: Triple Jump for Girls’ Track & Field

  • Features former NCAA Triple Jump Champion and Baylor assistant coach Stacey Smith
  • Learn an effective teaching progression that will help you connect the hop, step, and jump phases
  • Over 20 drills to improve your form, strength and distance!
  • Correct performance hampering mistakes in all phases of the jump

Becoming a Champion: Long Jump for Girls’ Track & Field

  • Discover easy-to-use drills you can use to create repetitive and consistent approaches that put you in prime take-off position at the board
  • Create the correct positioning and mechanics for the penultimate step and take-off with customizable box drills
  • Learn safe, effective landing techniques to maximize your jumping distance
  • Utilize a series plyometric drills to create strength and jumping power

Becoming a Champion: 800/1500M for Girls’ Track & Field

  • Get one-on-one middle distance training from US Olympic Coach Rose Monday!
  • Learn a dynamic warm-up that will cut down on injuries and prevent shin splints
  • Develop workouts that add variety to your daily routine while training important physiological functions
  • Learn how to use pool workouts to improve your fitness without the pounding

Becoming a Champion: Hurdles for Girls’ Track & Field

  • Over 30 drills to develop hurdle mobility, form and quickness and help you improve your times
  • Increase your hurdlers’ raw speed
  • Get strength training drills and core exercises to improve explosiveness
  • Review common mistakes made by both rookie and veteran hurdlers, and learn how to fix them

Becoming a Champion: Sprints & Relays for Girls’ Track & Field

  • Learn a series of sprint mechanics and acceleration drills with specific cues to help athletes learn speed-enhancing posture, alignment, and sprint form
  • Teach athletes correct block placement, how to push out of the blocks, and how to maximize the acceleration phase, transition phase and maximum velocity phase
  • Utilize race strategies for all the sprints (100, 200, and 400), as well as strategies and drills to move the baton effectively in 4×100 and 4×400 relays

Becoming a Champion: Javelin for Girls’ Track & Field

  • Learn a safe, effective method for maximizing the distance on your throws and for preventing injuries
  • Learn drills that will increase your strength and improve your throwing form
  • Develop a consistent run-up and release to make the most of every attempt
  • Get tips on meet day preparation

Becoming a Champion: Glide & Spin Shot Put for Girls’ Track & Field

  • 40+ simple and effective drills for the glide and spin shot put
  • Learn a basic warm-up routine created especially for throwers
  • Discover drills specifically designed to develop an explosive release
  • Increase your strength, speed and power

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