All-Access DeMatha Basketball: In-Season Warm-Ups and Strength & Conditioning

In the latest edition of All-Access, we return to Hyattsville, Maryland for a behind-the-scenes look at a DeMatha Catholic High School boys’ basketball practice. Follow along as team strength and conditioning coach Alan Stein leads the players through a number of vital warm-up drills before heading into the gym for a weight training circuit.

On-Court Warm-Up

Before getting into the bulk of their basketball practice, Coach Stein starts the players with a warm-up designed to loosen up muscles and get the body ready for physical activity.

The first warm-up is called Full Court X, which involves two separate lines of players starting on the baseline (in opposite corners) and then jogging to half court on a diagonal (thus making an X). Later, a defensive slide is implemented as players slide across the baseline and then run the length of the court at 50 percent. On the way back, players will backpedal with their hands held high in the air.

Next, the team moves into lunges. Players spread out across the court and do five reps with each leg. After forward lunges, players switch to lateral lunges before finishing off with diagonal lunges, which is a great stretch to loosen up the groin.

Tips: Take big steps. Keep your foot flat. Keep your torso upright.

Weight Room Circuit

On one end of the gym, players immediately get into their elevator routine, which consists of a flat bench press, incline, and then steep incline. “On every set you do, make it challenging to get to 10 reps,” Coach Stein says.

Meanwhile, on the opposite end of the gym, players put sandbags on their shoulders and do one set of 10 lateral lunges on one side, 10 step-ups on each side, and then use smaller sandbags for a stiff leg dead lift.

By the end, everyone will do six sets of upper body workouts and six sets of lower body workouts. In terms of timing, players look to hit 12 minutes on each end.

Tips: Split in pairs and get a spotter for your bench press. Work at your own pace. Make sure you have plenty of room. Do everything to 10 reps and make it challenging each time.

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